Art of Ivan Casanova NFTs Dropping July 15

The Art of Ivan Casanova packs drop on July 15 at 3 pm EST from Galeria NFT. This promising set features funky, psychedelic art from Ecuadorian street artist Ivan Casanova, who is best known for painting murals at the Lost Beach Club. This hand-drawn set features 25 unique works of art in four different rarities.

There are three pack types in this drop: Meme containing 4 NFTs for $2.99 in Wax, Golden containing 7 NFTs for $4.99, and Dope containing 10 NFTs for $9.99. The card rarities are Meme, LSD Pump, Gold Pump & Pump, Mythic OG Pump It Up, and Casanova Custom Whale. There will also be blends available.

Galeria NFT is a company from house music DJ, producer, and promoter Ordonez, whose goal is to bring Ecuadorian and South American artists to the Wax blockchain.

Drop Link: