ArtVndngMchn Fine Art NFTs Drop on May 8

ArtVndngMchn is a collaboration of NFT art from 15 different artists being released in packs on the Wax blockchain. The artists are Joe Chiappetta, Rare Scrilla, Robness, Marko Zubak (MLIBTY), mBlu, Fabi Yamada, Sean O’Kana, Laerth Motta, Beth Cohen,, Jen Lazaro, Paul S. Baldwin, Anna Chiappetta, Luke Chiappetta, and Denise Chiappetta. There are paintings, animations, comics, songs, videos, and experimental art in the collection.

The set contains 190 unique works of art with 58 1/1 editions. There will be two types of pre-minted packs: standard packs of 4 NFTs will be $10 in Wax and master packs of 8 NFTs (which contain only Epic, Legendary, and Mythic NFTs) will be $100. There will be 2,000 of the standard packs and 200 of the master packs available when the set drops on May 8 at 9 am Pacific Time.

Drop Link: