BabyMetal 2 Drops on Wax September 9

I’d never heard of the band Baby Metal when they launched their first NFT series on Wax a few months ago. Heck, I didn’t even know kawaii metal existed as a musical genre. But I checked out their videos on Youtube, and their stage shows are actually pretty sweet, mixing J-Pop, cute girls singing and dancing, with metal riffs and pyrotechnics. It’s a uniquely Japanese musical style that I’ve come to appreciate through the world of NFTs.

The first BabyMetal set sold out almost instantly. I know, because I tried to buy it myself and missed out. It came with a limited edition vinyl and ten NFTs. This second set, dropping on September 9 at 11 am EST, also features a vinyl limited to 1,000 units, but this time also offers 5-card packs without the vinyl.

The set, commemorating the 10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN, features 20 cards split over three rarity levels, featuring photos from the Nippon Budokan shows earlier this year. There will be 2,500 5-card packs available for $35 each and 1,000 MechaPacks that contain 15 cards and an exclusive gold vinyl for $125.

It will be interesting to see how this set performs, as there are a lot more collections competing for buyers’ Wax these days than when the first set launched. Even the recent Megadeth and Deadmau5 sets failed to sell out. Also, it’s a bit disappointing to see all of these bands releasing photo NFTs instead of music NFTs. I’d like to see Wax grow as a platform for listening to music, not just for digital trading cards and gaming NFTs.

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