Blade Runner: Black Lotus Brings the Future to Wax Nov. 22

Black Runner: Black Lotus is a new anime series in the Blade Runner universe, which launched in 1982 with the original Blade Runner film starring Harrison Ford. The cyberpunk series is now coming to Wax in the form of a limited-edition NFT collection that goes on sale Nov. 22 at 1 pm EST.

After each episode of the anime, a 150-pack drop will occur, with packs costing $100 in Wax. Each pack contains one NFT, either a video clip or animated portrait shot, in one of four rarities:

  • Common (45% chance)
  • Rare (35% chance)
  • Epic (17.5% chance)
  • Legendary (2.5% chance)

The new series takes place in Los Angeles 2032, when a young woman wakes up with no memories and a set of deadly skills. Her only clues to her identity are a black lotus tattoo and a locked data device.

There will be 13 episodes of the anime and 13 NFT drops.

Drop Link: