Blockchain Heroes Series 4: Retro Rebellion Hits Jan. 21

Blockchain Heroes is returning for a fourth Wax NFT set, this time featuring a synthwave-inspired, 80’s retro theme. The new set will contain 20 Heroes and 20 Villains battling for the fate of a fictional cyberspace metropolis. The set drops on Wax on Jan. 21 at 2 pm EST, with a second sales window starting at 2 am EST on Jan. 22.

The set is also partnering with 40 other Wax collections, including Splinterlands, Colonize Mars, Dr. Zammsy, Graffiti Kings, Wax.Guide, and many others to build what they’re calling Unity Packs, which drop as free bonuses with Retro Rebellion packs. Many of these partner NFTs will also have utility in their native collections.

Packs for the set will come in two sizes, Hero Packs (5 cards for $14.95 in Wax) and Titan Packs (30 cards for $74.95). Each pack contains a random assortment of cards of varying rarities. Hero Packs have a 50% chance of containing a 2-card Unity pack, while Titan Packs will contain 1-5 Unity packs. The sale is capped at 20,000 Hero and 4,000 Titan packs, but will be minted on demand.

Odds of cards dropping from any pack are:

  • Common — 45%
  • Uncommon (Pixel) — 20%
  • Scarce (Sunset) — 15%
  • Rare (Grid) — 10%
  • Epic (3D Card) — 6%
  • Legendary (Soundtrack) — 3%
  • Mythic (Showtime) — 1%

All Stickers, Classic Art, Motes/Motespawns, Collector’s Editions and Unity Packs will be treated as bonus drops on top of the guaranteed drops.

You can also purchase packs using Void currency at on the drop date for 15% off their WaxP price.

After the drop, there are two events happening. On March 1, staking of Motespawns begins, which allow you to earn Motes, which will provide a future utility. On April 1, Ascension begins, where 20 players will be able to ascend to Hero level by participating in an Ultraburn. The twenty players who successfully ascend first will have a unique Hero or Villain created, inspired by them, as well as receive a revenue share from the set they’re featured in.

Drop link: