CAIT Music Collection Brings Indie Music Singles to Wax

Each week on Thursday, Cait Music brings new songs to the Wax blockchain in the form of music NFTs for $2 in Wax. Most of the proceeds from each drop go to the artist (80%) with the rest (20%) going to improving the tech behind Cait Music. All songs sold under the Cait label are royalty-free and usable in other contexts.

If you’re an artist looking to get your music out there, you can contact Cait via the form here to sign up. The only stipulations is that your music must be Creative Commons licensed, meaning you own the rights to the music, lyrics, etc. used in the song. No covers of other bands are allowed.

So what do you do with your sweet NFT music collection? Well, here’s a music player app that will pull the songs from your Wax Wallet, so you can enjoy them via a web browser.

Hopefully, NFTs are the future of music. They can be bought and sold over and over again by collectors while still giving a cut of the sale to the original artists. And for those who want utility in NFTs, what better utility is there than NFTs that build up your music library like iTunes but also can be sold or traded?

Drop Link: