Clash Dome’s Endless Siege Land Drops July 7

I’ve written about Clash Dome in the past. It’s a website that lets players participate in puzzle and tower defense games for Wax prizes. They have 24-hour tournaments where the players with the top score get prizes, or you can play in one-on-one duels, where whoever has the best score out of the two of you takes the Wax prize.

On July 7 at 12:00 pm, Clash Dome will have their first land sale for their tower defense game, Endless Siege. Land owners can sell the dead Orcs that collect on the lands they own in exchange for Ludio, the Clash Dome currency that allows you to purchase a small advantage in the games. Owners will get 1 Ludio for every 25 orc casualties.

There will be 950 total packs, 200 for sale via a whitelist for active players (it’s too late to get on the whitelist), 710 packs for the public sale, and 40 put aside for promotions. Each pack contains 1 land from 39 possible maps and one of four different rarities. The packs will cost $25 in Wax.

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