Collect.Social Puzzle Packs Dropping May 1 at 1 PM EST

Collect.Social is a “collect to earn” platform on Wax where you create collections of your NFTs and interact with others on the website to earn Racoon tokens. Racoon can be used to purchase packs on the site (when available), trade on Alcor Exchange, or used for future site features.

Basically, if you have NFTs from sets such as Cartombs, Leonard Nimoy, Dark Country, Godzilla, Atari, Street Fighter, Exit Limbo, Alien Worlds, etc. you can create collections on Collect. You don’t have to stake your NFTs like you do on Rplanet, they just need to be in your wallet to prove you own them. Each collection you claim gives you XP and Racoon.

There’s another aspect of the site, which is solving the puzzles. This is where the pack drops come in. The latest drop is on May 1, with small packs of 10 puzzle pieces costing $10 in Wax and big puzzle packs of 28 puzzle pieces running $25 in Wax. Occasionally, you can purchase puzzle packs for Racoon tokens as well.

In addition to puzzle pieces, the packs have a chance to drop a key. They keys are stakable on Rplanet but also will grant you ownership of a piece of a future NFT gallery.

If all this seems a bit confusing, there’s a short video you can watch on Youtube, or you can read more in-depth about how everything works on the Collect.Social blog.

Getting back to the packs of puzzle pieces, solving the puzzles on Collect can earn you Wax prizes up to 50,000 Wax for completing the “F” puzzle. If you miss out on the sale or are looking for missing puzzle pieces, you can find them on the market here.

Pack drops:
Collect Social Website: Click Here