Colonize Mars Drops April 28

Colonize MarsColonize Mars is a new trading card project on Wax with some positive buzz around it. The collection of NFT trading cards tells the story of the progression of a simulated colony on Mars. The launch will happen on April 28th at 4pm UTC. Check out their website for more info. They also have a Telegram group where they have been posting promo drops.

The drop will be in the form of Supply Crates. The Standard Supply Crate is $9 in Wax and comes with 20 cards and 1 mission patch. The Ultimate Supply Create is $39 and also comes with 20 cards and 1 mission patch, but with much better odds to pull rare cards and also a chance at exclusive 1 of 1 patches.

If you missed out on the free promo cards or miss out on the drop, you can pick up cards on the secondary market here.