Corporate World Trading Cards Drop May 29

Corporate World is the first NFT trading card set from artist Jonezy to drop on Wax. The set releases on May 29 at 12:00 pm EST and tells the story of Dan Tenferno, who has joined Herr E-Tech Labs Limited as a new employee. It seems the CEO’s aura has corrupted the employees and even the office equipment, morphing them into the worst versions of themselves.

There are two pack types in this drop, Worker Packs and Executive Packs. The Worker Packs contain 3 cards for $2.99 in Wax and the Executive Packs contain 6 cards for $4.99 in Wax. Both pack types give the same odds on unpacking rare cards.

Pack opening begins 10 minutes after the launch, and you can burn cards in the “Sacrificial Pit” to create new cards (blends). Check out the official site below for more details.

Pack drop: