Crazy Zombies Packs Drop June 18

Crazy Zombies is a new NFT set from NFT Launchpad, the creators of Sticker Mania. The set features 13 different food zombies in a variety of rarities, and it drops on June 18 at 2 pm EST.

There will be 2 pack types, classic and VIP, with classic costing $4.99 in Wax and VIP costing $7.99. Classic packs will come with 6 cards and VIP packs will contain 9 cards. Collectors will be able to blend cards of the same type to get rarer cards, and if all 13 common cards are blended, they will receive a mythic card.

Here are the pack production numbers and odds:

Classic Pack – 1225 packs available (1000 on Atomic, 200 on NeftyBlocks and 25 for marketing purposes)
60% common
25% uncommon
13% rare
2% epic

VIP Pack – 1000 packs available (800 on Atomic, 200 on NeftyBlocks)
45% common
25% uncommon
20% rare
10% epic

Drop link: