Create and Earn Free NFTs with What 2 Mint

What 2 Mint NFT Art Builder is a website that lets you create your own NFTs using their clip art NFT builder. Those NFTs can then be entered in their weekly contest for Wax prizes and minted on the Wax blockchain as 1/1 NFTs.

I tried out the site myself to see how it all worked, and playing around with the NFT builder, I was able to build a NFT of my own in a few minutes. There’s no drawing tool, so you have to get creative with the clipart backgrounds, shapes, and animals provided.

Signing up for a free account earns you the site’s token, called YAB. Logging in each day earns you more YAB, as does creating a NFT (once per week). The YAB tokens can be spent in the What 2 Mint store on What 2 Mint NFTs, which can then be claimed to your Wax wallet.

Every week, there’s a contest where site members can vote on their favorite NFT. The winner gets a Wax prize, the size of which is determined by the number of entrants. The more people join the site and mint NFTs, the bigger the prizes become.

I’ve since gone on to create several more NFTs and entered the weekly drawings twice. They’ve minted several of my creations as free 1/1 Wax NFTs to my wallet, which is nice. You should check out the site if you like free NFTs, are interested in creating your own NFTs, or want to try to win some free Wax.