Crypto Legends Drop Feb. 9

Crypto Legends are a series of pop art portraits of public figures who we at Wax.Guide feel have made a valuable contribution to the cryptocurrency community. Each NFT in the series is limited to only 100, and there are also rarer blends. The artwork is by artist Gonzalo Facio.

Jihan Wu

Billionaire Jihan Wu cofounded Bitmain in 2013, which became the world’s largest computer chip company for bitcoin mining. He is also the leading support of Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork of bitcoin.

Gavin Wood

Gavin Wood is the co-founder of Ethereum and the creator of Polkadot and Kusama. He also proposed and helped develop Solidity and released the Yellow Paper defining the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Each NFT is only $1 in Wax. This drop is pre-minted, so everyone has the same odds of landing the #1 or other low mint.

Drop Link: