Crypto Legends from Wax.Guide Launches Sept. 13

The first two Crypto Legends, two founders of the Wax blockchain, are immortalized in pop art portraits by artist Gonzalo Facio. If all goes well, we will be releasing future NFT portraits of other figures important to Wax and cryptocurrency in general. Let us know on Twitter or on our Discord who you’d like to see in future drops.

The first NFT drop is William Quigley, co-founder of the Wax blockchain in 2017. He is also the Managing Director of Magnetic and a co-founder of Tether as well. Then we have John Brechisci Jr., the lead designer behind Wax. He was also the founder and CTO of OPSkins.

Each NFT in this set is limited to only 100 and is pre-minted, so everyone has the same chance at low mints or the #1 mint. Also, we are selling these for only $1 each, and there are blends available for those who buy multiples.

Drop Link: