Crypto Moonboys Dropping May 1 at 8 PM UTC

The Crypto Moonboys NFT trading cards from Graffiti Kings UK are dropping on May 1 at 8 PM UTC. There will be two types of packs, Mega and Mini. Mini packs contain 5 random cards for $15 in wax, while mega packs contain 15 cards for $45 in Wax.

The pack odds are:

40% Common
13.3% Uncommon
12% Rare
10% Ultra rare
8% Epic
6% Legendary
5% Gold
2% Rebel
0.7% Godly

The cards will be immediately stakable on Rplanet for Aether.

Crypto Moonboys have announced that they are giving away promos and holding contest on their Discord here to celebrate. They’ve also done contests on Twitter here.

If you miss out on the drop, you can find them on the secondary market here.

Graffiti Kings Website:

Mega Pack Drop Link:
Mini Pack Drop Link:

Unbox here: