Crypto Moongirls Drop June 11

Crypto Moongirls is a new set from Graffiti Kings and a sequel to Crypto Moonboys. The set is dropping on June 11 at 12:37 pm EST, and the drop link won’t be posted until a few hours before the drop in the Graffiti Kings Discord server.

There will be Mini 5-card packs and Mega 15-card packs, and apparently the prices will be the same as the Crypto Moonboys packs, which were $15 in Wax and $45 respectively.

This set is being put out in partnership with R-Planet, so the packs will be stakable on R-Planet immediately after opening. They will also have their own Aether pool separate from the existing Crypto Moonboys set.

More details and the drop link can be found on the Graffiti Kings Discord server  (3 hours before drop time).