DappRadar and HodlGod Collab NFT droppping July 27

DappRadar has announced that they are releasing their first NFTs in collaboration with HodlGod on July 27 at 2 pm EST. As most readers probably know, DappRadar is a site that lists and ranks Dapps from all blockchains in one resource, while HodlGod is a 3D battle game on the Wax blockchain.

The NFT drop will be in 5 robot parts, which can be combined to form the whole robot, DR-1. The five NFTs in the set are:

  • Torso Capsule $250 each (total 550)
  • Energy Orb $200 each (total 550)
  • Right Arm Capsule $150 each (total 550)
  • Left Arm Capsule $150 each (total 550)
  • Legs Capsule $150 each (total 550)

Collectors who buy and hold all five parts will be airdropped the completed robot NFT. There will be a future NFT drop for those who have all 5 parts and the robot NFT in their wallet. Then there will be yet another NFT drop for those that hold all 7 of these NFTs. All of the NFTs will also be stakable in the upcoming Onessus NFT staking protocol.

To prevent flipping, from 2 pm to 4 pm, collectors will be able to buy NTTS  (non tradeable tokens) that that will later be replaced with the actual NFTs by airdrop that evening.

Keep on eye on the Hodlgod website for the drop link.

Medium Post: https://onessus.medium.com/introducing-dr-1-a-dappradar-x-hodlgod-collab-collectible-781cf9ad484a
HodlGod: https://hodlgod.com/
DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/onessus
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bu5ZZx8C2v
Twitter: https://twitter.com/onessusblock