Dark Country Public Wax Land Sale May 29

Dark Country is a multi-blockchain trading card game that is playable on Wax and Flow. So far they’ve held land sales on Flow and a whitelisted sale on Wax. However, on May 29th at 12 pm EST, they will finally have a public land sale on Wax.

Players can buy Rancho Packs, containing one land NFT for $200 in Wax or Mayor’s Packs, containing 3 lands, for $600 in Wax. The odds of pulling rarer lands are better in the Mayor’s Packs.

Dark Country landowners will be able to earn the in-game currency, Shadow Dimes, via both active and passive methods. They’ll get a certain amount of Shadow Dimes just for holding land, but they can earn more by building up their lands, staking, and encouraging players to quest on them.

Earning opportunities include winning a share of in-game currency from adventures, receiving fees for various activities, renting land for income, enabling card borrowing, and farming NFTs.

By earning resources from their lands, players can develop their lands by building black markets, blacksmiths, tailors, taverns, alchemy labs, libraries, and mercenary outposts. Players can use lands to complete quests, adventure, beat portal beasts, upgrade cards, craft items, and summon minions.

The goal of the landlord should be to make your land as attractive as possible so that players will want to visit and engage with it. You earn Shadow Dimes for player activities, and the more you build up your land, the more you’ll be able to earn.

Each blockchain has its own continent and own lands for players to explore.

Check out the drop link and Medium article below for more info.