Dark Galaxies Pack Sale Starts Sept. 12

On September 12 at 6 pm EST, Dark Galaxies will launch their NFT packs on the Wax blockchain. Collectors must be whitelisted to participate in this initial pack drop, or they’ll have to buy packs off of the secondary market.

Dark Galaxies is a card game that takes place in a future where mankind has reached world peace and unity, resulting in breakthroughs in space exploration. As humans attempted to colonize other planets, they realized they were not alone in the universe. The game centers around a race to colonize planets in competition with alien species.

There will be 4 pack types available for this sale:

Star Packs – Contain 5 random cards – $4.95

Galaxy Packs – Contain 10 random cards – $9.95

Universe Packs – Contain 15 random cards – $14.95

Supernova Packs – Contain 30 random cards – $29.95

Celestial Packs – Contain 1 x Supernova Pack, 1 x Alpha Access token, 1 x Planet Token, 1 x Redeemable Book token, 1 x Exclusive random 3D card – $135.00

Planet Tokens will grant the holder one planet per token when planets are launched in 2022. Alpha Access Tokens will grant holders alpha access to the trading card game upon release. The Redeemable Book Token can be redeemed for a PDF of the book “The Illegal Texts”, which features lore from the game.

Besides NFTS, collectors can also order physical poker chips and books from the Dark Galaxies website.

Check out the white paper and visit their Discord server for more information.

Website: https://darkgalaxies.io/
Whitelist form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd75hbijn25nL-7-eLaMHeDiI0tByyOmkzQrLpX11qm-3tKrA/viewform
Check if you are on the whitelist: https://darkgalaxies.io/whitelist
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kvnnWMzWbg
White Paper: https://darkgalaxies.io/static/DarkPaper.pdf