Dark Pinup Act 2 Coming Nov. 30

The second collection of pin-up photography by Lars Kommienezuspadt is releasing on Wax on Nov. 30 at 1 pm EST. Like the first set, these will be photo of lovely ladies shot by candlelight in lingerie and alluring outfits.

There will be 44 cards in the base set, plus the eight rarity variants from the first set are back. There will be two pack types, Full Packs and Collector’s Boxes. Full Packs will include 5 cards plus chances at additional NFTS, while Collector’s Boxes contain six Full Packs, featuring 30 NFTs plus a guaranteed insert, with chances at additional NFTs. Full Packs will run $7 and Collector’s Boxes will cost $40. They can be purchased with Wax or credit card. A total of 5,940 Full Packs and 1,980 Collector’s Boxes will be minted.

One of the bonuses you may find in packs this time are NFTs redeemable for a physical pack of Dark Pinup cards. Another bonus is that these cards can be staked in the Wax Arena game. Crafting will be available after 25% of the packs sell.

Drop Link: https://darkpinup.com