Dead Happy Brings Weird to Wax on Nov. 18

Chris (Simpsons artist) is an anonymous artist who has been posting odd artwork and caricatures to the Internet for years. He’s also had spreads in magazines due to his cult following. FHM magazine said “he’s the Internet’s Picasso, he lives in Scotland somewhere, no one knows his real name, and he does slightly unnerving pictures of famous people.” Well, he’s bringing his brand of weirdness to the Wax blockchain on Nov. 18.

The chris (simpsons artist) x DeadHappy – ‘Classic Collection’ drops on Wax on Nov. 18 at 1 pm EST and contains 25,000 NFTs featuring his work. There will be two limited pack sales of 3,750 packs and a total of five card rarities to collect:

  • Common (46.97%)
  • Collectible (29.99%)
  • Rare (17.99%)
  • Deluxe (5%)
  • Ultra Rare (0.3%)

Standard packs contain 5 NFTs for $30 in Wax and Mega packs contain 10 NFTs for $50 in Wax. Packs will be sold for Wax only, no credit cards.

Those lucky enough to pull one of six vIRL NFTs can redeem them for a physical art piece.

Promo packs will be available on Nov. 17 at 1 pm EST via Twitter. Follow the Wax Discord and Twitter for more info.

Drop Link: