Deadmau5 Series 2 Drops August 26

Rarez has announced that they are releasing a Series 2 of deadmau5 NFTs on Wax. The sale will take place on August 26 at 7 pm EST, and this time around if you’re lucky enough to pull an Ultrarare card, you can redeem it for tickets to a live deadmau5 show.

There are two pack types, Standard ($9.99 for 10 NFTs) and Mega ($29.95 for thirty NFTS). The set includes Pins, Basic, Black, Silver, and Gold rarities, with pins being the most common. There will also be a handful of UltraRare cards. Collectors will be able to open their packs 48 hours after the drop.

Rare has announced OG collector rewards as well. Collectors of Series 1 will be airdropped a Series 2 Mega pack if they’ve completed a Gold Deluxe set from deadmau5: Series 1.

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