Dragons io From Mercenary Arts Studio Out Now

Dragons io is a new fantasy art trading card set featuring dragon paintings from Mercenary Art Studio. The stunning artwork is by Rudy Ao and is of a much higher quality than a lot of the work we often see on Wax trading cards. Mercenary Art Studio is still under the radar right now, but I think that will change in the near future if they keep releasing stuff like this.

Besides Dragons io, they’ve put out Fantasy io, Little Monsters, and Dust and Blood, and the studio has a roster of creators with years of experience in the comic and trading card business working on their sets.

Packs went on sale July 31 and will be available for 7 days. There are small packs ($5.00 for 2 NFTs), standard packs ($15.00 for 8 NFTs), large packs ($30.00 for 20 NFTs), and a large pack bonus bundle ($100 for 3 large packs and 1 guaranteed dragon egg). Packs contain NFTs of varying rarities with a chance at pulling a rare dragon egg.

Dragon eggs will grant holders access to special air drops every month and will “stake” for 700 collector points, which earn Mercenary Art NFT holders bonus NFTs and rewards. They have also announced an upcoming Monster Clash NFT breeding game that will reward Monster Token holders. You can learn more about the reward program in their Discord server.

Drop Link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/fantasyartio
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/DeXHQ5YQKb
Website: https://mercenaryartstudio.com/