Exit Limbo MetaHead Collection Drops Oct. 8

Exit Limbo is a video game on Steam and a NFT collection on Wax. This new set, MetaHead features animated characters, cinematic artwork, and music NFTs. The game and cards feature Mr. Rhino, an anthropomorphic rhinoceros who has to fight hordes of zombie sheep in a strange parallel universe.

The drop starts at 12:00 pm EST and there are two types of packs for sale, Synth and Phat. The Synth packs get you 10 Static Shards for $5 in Wax and the Phat packs get you 30 Static Shards and 4 Music Shards for $25 in Wax. There’s also a chance for 3D NFTs in packs, as well as one unique NFT redeemable for a physical action figure. There will be 1,000 pre-minted Synch Packs and 500 Phat Packs available.

There are 8 MetaHead Music NFTs you can get by blending the shards, as well as a ninth Music NFT that you can get from a super blend. You’ll need to blend six Static Shards to earn one Music Shard. You’ll then need to blend six Music Shards to get a Music NFT. Holders of all nine Music NFTs will be rewarded with a rare airdropped NFT and more rewards are set to be announced after the sale.

You can use the Super Blender to burn any six Static Shards to receive one random Penetrator Static Shard, or six Music Shards to earn a random Penetrator Music Shard.

Exit Limbo NFTs also earn passive token rewards if you stake them on Collect Social or Wax Arena.

Drop Link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/exitlimbowax
Blends: https://neftyblocks.com/c/exitlimbowax/blends
Website: https://wax.exitlimbo.com/