Fantasy IO Packs Drop June 12

Fantasy IO is a fantasy art set from Mercenary Art Studio and painter Rudy Ao. Co-created by Jake Mackessy, the NFT set is a journey through the mythical land of Io. The art documents ruthless factions battling for the throne after the fall of the Steel Hellknight King.

Rudy Ao is a talented painter with a background in comic book art. He crated a recent Harley Quinn cover for DC Comics, and you can see more of his artwork in his Facebook gallery.

The set drops on June 12 at 9:00 pm EST and packs of 10 NFTs will cost $20 in Wax. Each pack contains 8 slots with cards from the pre-minted pool and 2 slots for MST tokens (Monster Tokens). Monster Tokens will be used to purchase future Monster Token exclusive packs and also make you eligible for air drops, the details of which can be found on their Discord server. The tokens will also be used for purchases in their Monster Clash game.

The set is limited to 400 packs and 4000 cards, with 9 card variations found in packs. There will also be a Green Gallery variant of the cards that can only be found by mining on one of the team’s 27 Alien Worlds lands listed on their Discord Server.

The packs have three different wrapper artworks, but the content of each pack is the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you purchase.

Drop Link: