Funko Big Boy NFTs Drop August 31

This is a pretty nostalgic drop for me, as while we didn’t have Big Boy restaurants near my home town when I was young, we did stop at them on our road trip vacations. Their big juicy burgers and free comic books put them heads above the local fast food joints I was used too. I still don’t live near a Big Boy, but I now take my own daughter there whenever an out-of-state road trip takes us near one. She’s a big fan of their food, just like I was, and likes posing for photos with their iconic statue.

Big Boy is also important to the history of Funko. The first bobble head they sold in stores in 1998 was of the fast food icon. Now they’re returning to their roots with the launch of the Big Boy Digital Pop! Collection.

The collection will feature 41 unique designs and six different rarities, with Legendary (1%) and Grail (.67%) being the rarest. If you find either of these in your packs, you’ll be able to redeem them for an exclusive physical Funko Pop.

Packs will go on sale August 31 at 2 pm EST and can be unboxed at 5 pm EST the same day. Pre-minted packs will come in two sizes, standard ($9.99 for 5 cards) and premium ($29.99 for 15 cards) and can be purchased via credit card only. There will be 15,000 standard and 5,000 premium packs produced.

Drop Link: