Funko Pop Teenage Mutant Turtles Hit Wax on August 3

Two popular properties, Funko and TMNT, come together in one project on Wax on August 3 at 2 pm EST. Funko, Tokenhead, and Wax have announced the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Funko Series 1 Digital Pop NFTs, which come in the form of animated TMNT trading cards in the Funko Pop art style.

There will be two pack types available for this first drop from Funko, with Standard packs containing 5 pre-minted cards for $9.99 and Premium packs containing 17 cards for $26.99. As with previous launches from Wax, this drop is likely to be credit card only. There will be 20,000 Standard and 10,000 Premium packs available. The set contains 100 unique NFTs, featuring six different rarities.

Also of note is the Funko Stress Test on August 2 at 2 pm EST, a free drop with a link to be provided in the Wax Discord around release time. Funko fans will be especially interested to know that there will be free Freddy Funko and Max NFTs available in this drop, which will be used to stress test the Wax servers before the main drop the next day. While TMNT is certainly more popular, Freddy Funko has quite a few fans as well, so these Freddy Funko NFTs may be just as sought after as the TMNT NFTs.

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