Garbage Pail Kids Return to Wax Oct. 28

Topps and Garbage Pail Kids will return to Wax on Oct. 28 with their Nifty Kids GPK 1/1 avatars courtesy of I haven’t seen pricing announced yet, but it looks like the NFTs will be sold in a random pack form and each avatar will feature 6 random traits.

You can play around with the traits on the website to see what the avatars will look like. From what I can tell, only traits from the following Garbage Pail Kids will be available: Adam Bomb, Dead Ted, Mad Mike, Nasty Nick, Tee-Vee Stevie, and Wrappin Ruth. You can use the body, head, eyes, accessories, mouth, or hairstyle of any of these characters to build an avatar.

It looks like there will be 10,000 packs available using these combinations. As there are hundreds more popular Garbage Pail Kids to pull traits from, future series would definitely be a possibility.

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