Graffiti Kings Dropping May 22

Those who missed out on the Crypto Moonboys drop will be happy to hear that there’s a new Graffiti Kings drop on May 22 at 4 pm UTC. This appears to be R2’s biggest launch yet with 27,200 initial packs available that have a mix of pre-mint and mint-on-demand cards. Then there will be a 24 hour period where an unlimited number of mint-on-demand packs will be available, so anyone who wants in on this drop should have ample chance.

There are four artists featured in the set, Mr Cenz, Cheo, Aroe, and Ser and V.I.P. Each artist created 25 artworks for a total of 100 pieces, then with variants, there are 639 unique NFTs in the set.

In addition, there are 10 Crypto Moonboys, each with 3 variants, for a total of 30. Also randomly inserted are nine 1/1 golden tickets and nine 1/1 mugshots. These 1/1 cards will be redeemable for a hand-sculpted and hand-painted physical figurine with free shipping to anywhere in the world. The redemptions expire 2 months after the launch.

The initial limited packs will cost $5.99 in Wax for 6 cards, $27.99 for 30 cards, and $53.99 for 60 cards. The unlimited (for 24 hours) packs will be $7.99 for 10 cards. Packs can be opened 15 minutes after the start of the sale. The drop link isn’t available yet, but will be posted on the official website below.

Official website: