Graffiti Kings UK Coming to Wax

No date has been announced yet for their official launch, but Graffiti Kings UK is coming to the Wax blockchain courtesy of R2 Collectibles, the same company that released Cartombs, Mutant Rockers, Monsters of Rap, and several other recent NFT sets. Graffiti Kings are a professional graffiti and street art team based out of the UK that produce some out of the world art that will make really cool NFTs.

You can see some Grafitti Kings promo NFTs on Atomic Hub. There’s already a banner on Rplanet promoting their launch, so it’s almost a sure thing that these NFTs will be stakable there. In the meantime, follow the official Graffiti Kings UK Twitter account, as they’ve been dropping free promo NFTs there.  Also follow them on Facebook here.

As soon as the drop dates are made official, Wax Guide will post all the details on this site and our Twitter.

In addition to the set dropping from R2, it looks like Graffiti Kings have some other NFT collections as well:

Twitter: Graffpunks
Open Sea: Graffpunks

Crypto Moonboys
Twitter: Crypto Moonboys
Atomic Hub: HODL Moonboys