Grim Folks NFT Cards Drop on May 8

Grim Folks is a collection of NFT trading cards on the Wax blockchain featuring comical monster parodies. The collection is by artist Alex Gallego and launches on May 8 at 8 pm CET, with 5-card packs for 25 Wax and 10-banknote packs for 50 Wax.

The card packs feature sketch, noir, and color character cards, while the banknote packs feature Grimto banknotes in denominations from one to 100. The banknotes will be used in a blending process with the cards to create new, rarer blend cards,

There will be 20,000 card packs and 40,000 banknote packs available. The banknotes will also be used in blending for future sets.

There are already some promo cards and banknote on the market here.

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