Hidden Gems Packs Drop on May 29

Hidden Gems is a set of NFT trading cards on the Wax blockchain featuring gems of various colors and rarities. The set will be released on May 29 at 2 pm EST, and collectors will need to put together a set of 15 Hidden Gems of one rarity to participate in prize pool tournaments for that rarity level.

The cards represent the gems in Hidden Gems, a Bejeweled-style, match 3 game. Each card rarity level will have its own prize pool. You will need one gem of each color, a translucent gem, and a rainbow gem to participate.

There are two pack types, standard, with 5 gems, and premium, which come with 15 gems. Standard packs will cost $9 in wax and premium packs will be $27. Find out more on the official website below.

Website: https://hiddengemsnft.com/
Drop link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/hiddengemsss/
Blends: https://neftyblocks.com/c/hiddengemsss/blends
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiddengemsnft