HODL God Collectibles Drop May 25

HODLGod is dropping a collection of collectible action figure and dragon NFTs on May 25th at 2 pm EST. To participate in the early bird drop, you needed to have 10 million VOID tokens in your Wax wallet by Saturday, May 22. Everyone else can participate in the public sale, but you’ll still need 10 million VOID in your wallet if you want to hatch a dragon.

VOID is the in-game currency of HODL God and can also be sold and purchased on Alcor Exchange. Note that 10 million VOID will run you over 10,000 Wax at current prices.

This collection consists of 18 collectible toy NFTS: 4 dragons, 4 dragon eggs, 5 immortal armors, and 5 immortal weapon sets. The NFTs can either be held for collector value or burned for VOID tokens.

All of the collectibles will be sold separately in the drop except for the 4 dragons, which can only be hatched from eggs. You will need 10 million VOID in the same Wax wallet as your egg, and the dragon will be airdropped into your inventory during the hatching event.

Early bird sale: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/43259+43261+43266+43267+43279+43280

Public sale: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/43325+43326+43328+43330+43333+43334