Iron Maiden Funko NFTs Hit Wax on Sept. 30

Excellent! Iron Maiden, the legendary metal band, will make their NFT debut courtesy of Funko and Wax on Sept. 30. The digital trading cards will feature Iron Maiden mascot in Eddie in various animated guises and go on sale at 2 pm EST. Unboxing will then begin at 5 pm EST the same day.

There will be six different rarities and 44 total designs featuring Eddie in all of his psychotic glory. Packs will come in two sizes, standard containing 5 pre-minted cards for $9.99 and premium containing 15 cards for $29.99. There will be 18,000 standard and 6,000 premium packs available.

This time around, transactions will be limited to $30, so if you want multiple premium packs, you’ll have to make multiple transactions, assuming the packs last long enough.

For those interested in physical Pops, if you collect a set of common, uncommon, rare, and epic NFTs, you will receive a token redeemable for a physical pop. Also, any Legendary or Grail NFTs pulled from packs can also be redeemed for exclusive physical Pops.

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