John Van Hamersveld Wax NFTs Dropping August 24

The John Van Hamersveld “Post-Future” vIRL NFT collection is launching on Wax on August 24 at 1 pm EST. The artist, best known for his “The Endless Summer” poster, is releasing his artwork on both digital and physical collectibles in this set. Some NFTs can be exchanged for physical items featuring Hamersveld’s artwork, such as stickers, pins, and guitar picks.

There will be two pack sizes in this release, standard packs ($14.99) containing 15 cards and mega packs ($49.99) containing 55 cards. The packs are pre-minted, and you will need to purchase with a credit card. There will be 5,000 standard packs and 3,500 mega packs available in this drop.

After the launch, you will be able to combine NFTs via crafting. You can combine five identical cards to receive an upgraded card in one of four random rarities.

Free promo packs will be distributed via a stress test on August 23 at 1 pm EST, which can then be opened the same day at 4 pm EST. The stress test link will be posted on the Wax discord server on the date of the test.

Drop Link: