Leaf Football Draft Trading Cards Hit Wax Dec. 2

Sports card collectors will be familiar with Leaf Draft Football, which is an annual physical trading card set featuring NFL rookies in their college uniforms. It’s been a cheap way to get early cards of NFL rookies for years, as well as affordable autographs. Before Covid and the trading card boom, you could find Blaster boxes of these cards easily at your local Target or Wal-Mart store. I’ve personally bought quite a few of these over the years chasing autographs.

Well, now Leaf is bringing their Draft Football product to the Wax blockchain on December 2 at 1 pm EST. The packs will contain 25 pre-minted cards for $40 in Wax. The NFT versions of Leaf Draft Football will be much rare than their physical counterparts. There will be 3,132 packs available. As the first football product to hit Wax, these are likely to sell out fast. 

The cards will be available in 11 rarities, with color variations like Silver, Emerald Spectrum, Platinum Spectrum, Gold, Purple, Fire, and Ice. As with physical cards, fans will probably want to complete rainbows of their favorite players, meaning all color variations of that card.

Free promo packs will be available on Nov. 30, so keep on eye on the Wax Twitter feed for more info on how to get those.

Drop Link: https://wdny.io/leaf-cards-s1/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WAX_io