Luna Park Drops June 25

Luna Park is a collection of trading card NFTs from R2 Collectibles and artist Chenduz, who got his start doing Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids sketches cards for Topps. The set features an assortment of wacky characters who inhabit the Luna Park circus/amusement park that sprung from the mind of Chenduz. The set launches on June 25 at 12:00 pm EST.

The packs for this drop are Luna Park “Admission Tickets” that get you various amounts of NFTs plus a chance to receive a free promo pack. An Admit One ticket costs $6.99 in Wax and gets you 5 NFTs with a 10% chance of a promo pack. An Admit Two ticket gets you 30 NFTs for $33.99 and has a 50% chance of a promo pack. An Admit Three ticket contains 60 NFTs for $64.99 and a 100% chance at a promo pack. The promo packs contain one random NFT from the set. There will be 6,000 Admit One, 2,500 Admit Two, and 1,500 Admit Three packs dropped.

There are 10 different rarities of NFTs in the packs, and then there are also collection rewards for those who put together a set of each rarity. One unique item in this set are golden tickets, which can be redeemed for an original color rough from artist Chenduz. There are only 9 total golden tickets in the set, and those who find them can have a physical piece of original art mailed to their house.

The drop link isn’t live yet but keep an eye on the R2 Telegram channel, as it will be posted there once available. Also, they have been dropping free promo cards for the set in Telegram.

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Freak Tent (Burn NFTs for Upgrades):
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