Megadeth Comes To Wax August 27

Megadeth, the legendary thrash metal band, is coming to the Wax blockchain on August 27 at 1 pm EST. However, members of their Cyber Army fan club can get access to a pre-sale on Aug. 26. Packs will be available for 72 hours or until sold out, but let’s face it, they’ll be gone in a couple minutes like most major Wax releases.

For those interested in the pre-sale, I took a look, and the Digital Cyber Army membership is $19.99/year, so it’s probably worth it if you’re a big fan of the band and want a better chance of being able to buy their NFTs at retail. There will be 750 All Access packs and 1,500 General Admission packs available only to the Cyber Army on August 26.

There will then be 1,500 All Access packs and 2,500 General Admission packs minted for the public sale, and they can be purchased via credit card or PayPal. All Access packs cost $125 and come with 30 pre-minted NFTs, including 15 craftable cards, 10 collector cards, four rare cards, one challenge card, and one challenge coin (physical item). General Admission packs will come with five pre-minted craftable cards for $10.00.

The cards are based on artwork from the last 20 years of the Cyber Amy, and the set contains 30 cards in 4 rarities.

One Challenge Card will come with each All Access pack purchase and additional Challenge Cards can be crafted via a process not yet specified, but the probably involved burning the craftable cards. Challenge Cards can be redeemed for rare NFTs that will not be available for purchase.

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