MetaForce Comics Drop on May 1

MetaForce Comics advertises that they will be the first comic book in NFT format. They will release comic books every 2 months, and the comic NFTs will contain the entire comic book, not just the front and back image. They will come in three rarities: common, rare, and legendary.

Common – Static images like any normal comic book in physical format.
Rare – This variant will have some dynamic elements in the comic book and will provide a higher level of engagement with the reader.
Legendary – This variant will have a wide variety of dynamic interactions with the reader and will feel more immersive than simply reading the comic.

Before the comics, however, they are releasing a trading card set on May 1. The card drop will be accessible from their website here and will consist of 5 card types: Champions, Citizens, Alters, Evil-Doers, and Essence.

Four of the card types will be insterted into packs, but the fifth type, Champions, will only be created by burning the citizens, alters, and essence cards in a process called MetaFusion.

If you miss out the drop, you can find MetaForce cards on the secondary market here.

Official MetaForce Website: