Miss Universe coming to Wax Oct. 28

The famous Miss Universe contest is coming to Wax on Oct. 28 with a NFT collection featuring 70 years of Miss Universe history. The digital trading cards will feature pageant contestants from over the decades and will be available at 1 pm EST on Oct. 28, with unpacking starting at 4 pm EST.

There will be two pack types for this drop, standard packs with 3 cards for $14.99 and premium packs with 12 cards for $49.99. The cards will be pre-minted, with only 2,500 standard and 1,500 premium packs available. There will be a $250 per transaction limit for this drop.

The packs will feature five different rarities:

  • Common – 47.995% chance
  • Uncommon – 31.000% chance
  • Rare – 16.000% chance
  • Legendary – 4.800% chance
  • Exclusive Legendary – 0.200% chance
  • Golden Ticket – 0.005% chance

The Golden Ticket will grant you VIP access to the actual Miss Universe contest, where you can enjoy in-person benefits such as exploring the scenes and meeting the candidates.

There will also be a free promo pack drop of 500 packs on Oct. 27 at 1 pm EST. The drop link and instructions will be posted to the official Wax Twitter feed on that date.

Website: https://wdny.io/miss-universe/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WAX_io