Monsters of Rap 2 Drops July 31

Monsters of Rap by artist Rory McQueen was one of the first trading card sets to drop on Wax, featuring famous Hip Hop artists as comical monsters. Series 2 continues the set with all-new cards and artists, as well as physical redemptions and original tracks from Kool Keith. The 24 hour sale will take place on July 31.

The drop will include 2,500 Gold packs containing 5 NFTs for $6.99, 1,750 Platinum packs containing 30 NFTs for $35.99, and 1,500 Diamond packs containing 60 NFTs for $67.99. In addition, there will be Kool Keith Vinyl Boxes for $9.99 that contain 5 album covers and 1 music track from Keith’s new album “Computer Technology”.

There are 50 different monsters and 50 tombstones to collect in Series 2 in a variety of rarities. There are also 60 unique Kool Keith album covers and 12 music track NFTs. In addition, collectors can find one of 30 golden tickets redeemable for a physical trading card set of Monsters of Rap Series 1.

Check out the R2 Collectibles Telegram chat below for free promos dropped until the release date, as well as more info about the drop.