Mr. Poops Sticker Packs Launch Nov. 23

Mr. Poops is the mascot of Wax.Guide and real-life pet of Ryan from Wax.Guide. This super cute set of stickers was created by artist Lan Anh Vo using photos of the real Mr. Poops as reference. She does a good job of capturing his unique cattitude.

Each pack contains 3 random NFTs in five different rarities. There are 6 different NFTs of each rarity, for a total set of 30 different NFTs to collect. Blends will be available as  bonus NFTs to the set as well. The pack odds are:

  • Common – Color – 50% chance
  • Uncommon – Black & White – 25% chance
  • Rare – Glitch – 15% chance
  • Legendary – Rainbow – 7% chance
  • Mythic – Neon – 3% chance

Packs cost just $1 in Wax and only 250 packs will be minted.

Drop Link:
Secondary Market: