Mr. Poops is our office cat and official mascot of Wax Guide. Be sure to keep an eye out for limited edition Wax Guide NFTs featuring Mr. Poops. We give these out free via contest and drops, but if you miss out, you can also find them on the market here.

The True Origin Story of Mr. Poops

I was at an estate auction about 8 years ago when a skinny stray cat, about 1 year old, walked in through the open door and started jumping from lap to lap for some lovin’. Everyone was so taken with this extremely friendly kitty that the auction almost came to a halt, and the auctioneer started to get a bit annoyed. That’s when I called my girlfriend at the time and asked her to bring a pet carrier to the auction house.

My almost 4 year old daughter was obsessed with cats and really wanted one of her own, and this stray seemed to be the friendliest cat I’d ever seen, but a little malnourished and obviously an alley cat. So we brought the cat home and after the vet gave him a clean bill of health (other than some fleas), he was my daughter’s favorite 4th birthday present.

She named him Lucas, which is technically his official name, but a few weeks after we moved him in, he ate some plastic and got a bowel obstruction. We went to the emergency vet and 15 minutes and $2500 later, we had some medicine to help him pass the obstruction and a special diet of cottage cheese to help his tummy.

Well, Lucas didn’t understand why, but every time he went to his litter box, he was in pain, so he started to associate his litter box with pain. Then he started having liquid bowel movements on the carpet all over the house, which got him banished to the basement where there was no carpet. Anyway, to make a long story short, I started calling him “Mr. Poops” because of this, and the nickname has stuck for all these years. I’m sure he has no idea that his name is “Lucas”, although he answers to pretty much anything if you say it to him in baby talk, as he knows that means come get some scritches.

As I write this, he’s snoring next to me, where he spends the majority of his time.

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