Mteora Packs Drop June 19

Mteora NFTs give you a chance to own a real piece of a meteorite by collecting meteorite fragment NFTs and exchanging them for a meteorite. The sale goes live at 12:00 pm EST on June 19, and this is an open drop with no whitelist. The link to the drop isn’t available yet. They advise it will be posted in their Telegram group right before the drop.

For this Wax pack drop, there will be 1,000 super packs containing 10 cards each and 250 mega packs containing 20 cards each. Super packs will cost $70 in Wax and mega packs will cost $140. The website claims the NFTs will also be stakable on R-Planet.

The Mteora website doesn’t make it clear what size the meteorites are that you can redeem, but it looks like each NFT card is worth a small percentage of one of these meteorites, so you would need quite a few cards in order to redeem one. It should be noted that you can purchase a small meteorite fragment for less than the cost of one pack of these cards (but it wouldn’t be in NFT form or stakable on R-Planet, of course).