Muhammad Ali “Through the Lens” Coming To Wax August 10

Muhammad Ali “Through the Lens” by Christina Jansen features a collection of photographs of the legendary boxer. The set launches on August 10 at 1 pm EST in the form of NFT trading cards featuring never-before-scene photos of the three-time heavyweight champ of the world.

The set contains 136 unique NFTs in six card rarities. There will also be a randomized drawing for a chance to claim one of three physical prints for those who receive a championship card.

There will be Classic Packs (5 NFTs for $19.99), Photographer Packs (25 NFTs for $49.99), and Boxing Futures (containing 1 NFT for $9.99, with proceeds going to charity). There will be 5,000 Classic Packs, 3,000 Photographer Packs, and 1,000 Boxing Future Packs available.

There will be a stress test Promo Pack release on August 9 at 1 pm EST, with a drop link to be posted on the official Wax Discord.

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