Mutant Rockers Mutation Chamber Goes Live May 8

If you purchased the Mutant Rockers NFTs from R2 and Simone Arena, you’ll be able to “mutate” them in the Mutation Chamber starting on May 8. Burning cards in the Mutation Chamber upgrades them to the next level of rarity. Unlike with Cartombs, which gave new, unreleased cards, the Mutation Chamber generates mint-on-demand NFTs of cards from the existing set.

Here’s what you get for burning your Mutant Rockers:

Burn 3 Commons > Receive 2 Uncommons
Burn 3 Uncommons > Receive 2 Rares
Burn 3 Rares > Receive 2 Epics
Burn 3 Epics > Receive 2 Legendaries
Burn 3 Legendaries > Receive 2 Mythics
Burn 4 Mythics > Receive 1 Extraordinary

Also, every time you use the Chamber, you have a 3% chance of receiving a free Mutant Rockers promo pack containing one random Mutant Rocker card of any rarity.

The Mutation Chamber can be found on the R2 Tools page here.

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