Nova Rally Packs Drop June 19

Disclaimer: Wax Guide does not endorse Nova Rally or any other whitelisted game on Atomic Hub. We are merely providing information, so please do your own research. After Waxtory, which we at Wax Guide also bought into, we should all be vigilant and do our due diligence when buying into any new Wax game that doesn’t have level 2 verification at Atomic.

Nova Rally is a new racing game on the Wax network that uses race car and driver NFTs, as well as fuel tokens, to enter you into a racing game. To enter a race, you will need a minimum of two characters and one vehicle. You also need enough fuel, the in-game token Snake Oil (SNAKOIL) to enter. You can earn this token by “snaking” (staking) your characters and vehicles.

Packs will go on sale on June 19th at 12:30 pm EST, and this is a whitelisted drop, so you’ll need to sign up using the form on their website in order to get whitelisted. There are four pack types ranging from $10 in Wax to $40, basically netting you 1 NFT per $1 in Wax. There are 4 rarities of cars and 6 rarities of characters to collect.

You can learn more about the game by reading their whitepaper below.

Drop Link: