Pagan Gods Skeleton Card Drop

Pagan Gods is a match 3 game from Ino Worlds that is releasing NFT cards on the Wax blockchain that are supposed to be used in the gameplay. It’s not clear from playing the demo on their website how the NFTs will be incorporated at this point, but the demo is an alpha. The creators also promise the game will have its own currency, but this doesn’t appear to be a live feature yet.

The game is based on Slavic mythology, and the NFTs contain artwork in the style of an RPG or CCG. According to their website, the game will have PVP, Player vs. Environment, and Raids. Looking at the Roadmap on their website, it looks like the NFT sales this month are meant to raise funds for the development of the game, so the NFTs won’t be usable in gameplay right away.

The first NFT drop will be limited to 2,000 and will cost $4.91 in Wax. The sale begins June 7 at 1:00 pm EST and will last 2 days or until the supply sells out.