Power Rangers 1/1 NFTs Available Now on Wax

Okay, so Hasbro may have just beat all the other major brands to the punch in releasing a series of 1/1 avatar-style NFTs with unique attributes. However, the Hasbro Pulse website and other advertising isn’t really focusing on the NFTs but on the cool exclusive $199 physical collector’s toy that you can redeem if you own one of these NFTs. But if these are truly 1/1 NFTs from a major brand like Hasbro, the NFTs themselves may be the more valuable part of this combo! It will be interesting to see how an established brand like Power Rangers does in this market, which has been dominated by punks and apes.

The Zord Ascension Project Black & Gold Special Edition Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord 1:144 Scale Collectible is only available from Oct. 22 to Oct. 24 or until supplies run out. For $199 (credit card or PayPal) you get the following: a 1 unique NFT and 1 digital Power Coin Token redeemable for 1 Special Edition Dino Megazord with 10 accessories. Limit 1 per customer.

Collectors will receive the digital token ONLY if the unique NFT is in their Wax Wallet by 10/31/21 at 11:59 pm EST. The Power Coin Token will then be airdropped to eligible wallets and can be redeemed for the physical collectible between 11/1 and 11/8 at 11:59 pm EST. If the original owner of a NFT sells or trades it before 10/31, the Token NFT will be airdropped to whatever wallet holds the Token at that time. Also, the Token can be transferred, but is burned when redeemed.

The anticipated shipping date of the physical collectible is August 2022.

While the toy/collectible is certainly cool and probably well worth the price alone going by comparable exclusives, this is a Wax website, and we’re way more excited about Hasbro’s entry into the Wax blockchain! As you may know, Hasbro licenses include Transformers, G.I. Joe, Rom, Micronauts, M.A.S.K., Monopoly, Furby, Nerf, Twister, My Little Pony, and many others, so the NFT possibilities are endless. No real info about the NFT itself has been given, but it sounds like these will be 1/1 Megazord NFTs with unique attributes. It will be interesting to see what these actually look like when opened.

I purchased one of these NFTs myself using PayPal with no issues. After a few minutes, I received an email with a code that I could use to redeem for the NFT pack on Wax. After redeeming the code, the pack shows in my Wax inventory, but I can’t open it yet. It looks like opening of the packs may not be available until Oct. 31. My purchase shows on Atomic Hub as #85 of 2,200 possible, so it looks like that is the number of NFTs/collectibles available for this drop, meaning these are likely to sell out long before Oct. 24. If you want one, you better grab one quick!

Drop Link: https://hasbropulse.com/collections/hasbro-pulsecon-2021/products/power-rangers-digital-zord-nft-redeemable-for-special-edition-zord-ascension-project-mighty-morphin-dino-megazord