Princess Bride Coming to Wax on Sept. 28 and Oct. 5

Inconceivable! The 1987 cult classic film, The Princess Bride, will debut on Wax on September 28 in the form of NFT trading cards. The collection will be released in two separate drops, one on Sept. 28 and the second on Oct. 5. The cards will be released just in time for the film’s 34th anniversary.

There will be 900 packs available for each pack drop at a price of $100 per pack (credit card only), and each pack will contain 10 pre-minted NFTs. The pack odds are:

Common: 50.22%
Uncommon: 30.22%
Rare: 14.89%
Epic: 4.44%
Legendary: 0.22%

The packs will go on sale at 1 pm EST and can be unboxed at 4 pm EST.

Those who assemble a full set of common cards from drops 1 and 2 will receive a bonus sketch card pack airdropped to their wallet. These bonus packs will contain one of 10 sketch cards, and those who collect all 10 sketch cards will be entered to win a 10,000 WAXP prize.

There will also be a free promo pack drop for this set on Sept. 25. The link for this drop will be posted on the Wax Discord server.

Drop Link: